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PostSubject: HOT TO BE A GOOD FRAGGER   HOT TO BE A GOOD FRAGGER EmptyTue Jan 12, 2010 9:59 am

1. Best start with the medic or field-op class since they are easiest leveled up. If you have a reliable team then you might aswell choose the engineer - doing the objective is also a good way of gaining xp.

2. The best way to survive and gain experience is by moving as a team. As long as you don't have a lot of XP follow your teammates (the high-ranking ones, but better not the medics - they are often very fragghungry and don't look after anyone else but themselves) and support them as best as you can. But be carefull not to block them!

3. If your Lifepoints go down to 0 you are often not dead but just wounded, granting your teammates to heal you. This is sometimes very usefull since you don't have to wait to spawn or walk all the way from the spawnpoint to the frontline. Also keep in mind that medics drop 6 medipacks when they get killed - they can be picked up by your teammates but also bey your enemies, so never just press the space-bar when u get shot to the floor.

4. If you suspect someone to be a cov-op just shoot at him several times, Friendly-Fire is not on on this server.

5. standing still or crouching is often a mistake since you thereby become an easy target while your aiming is only minimaly improved

6. use cover to your advantage - many players keep firing a bit even if you have moved behind an obstacle. some fights can be won just by letting the enemy waste his ammo on you (this doesn't mean you shouldn't retaliate, just make shure you have a few more shots left in your magazine when the enemy runs out of bullets)

7. this hint was given before but this is very important: always reload your weapons after a fire-fight (or during it if you can stay out of the enemy firing-range for 2 seconds and your mag is half empty). and don't forget your secondarys - they can be lifesavers!

8. check ur helmet regularly - a helmet decreases the damage taken by a headshot dramatically, so if u don't have one anymore pick up an ammo-crate to get a new one.

9. before you choose a class (or change a class) always check your teams needs - a team without an adequate amount of medics, engineers and field-ops is prone to losing the match

10. if you play a medic and a teammate has almost no hitpoints left, do both of u a favour and heal him with the revival-syringe. it fully restores the health but can only be applied to friendlys with under 30 hp or so and the target must stand relatively still for it to work.

11. if you move with several other teammates then one medic should definately build up the rear, so that he can heal and more importantly revive wounded teammates

12. an enemy killed with a headshot can not be revived

For wanna-be-pros:

1. If you get killed by a cov-op or there was an enemy cov-up near u when u died then inform ur team!!!

2. How to spot an enemy in disguise:
- they call for a medic, while being in medic- or bot-disguise
- same if they call for ammo in a field-op-disguise (very stupid mistake btw)
- they use adre in bot-disguise or use trickjump
- they maneuvre themselves far behind your team without a good reason (f.e. being wounded)
- they have a cov-op weapon (not many players pick them up, so always suspect an enemy cov-op)
- they use adre although they have a very low rank (you need at least medic level 5, i think)
- the hitpointbar looks a little out of place when u look at an enemy in disguise
- on some servers they are not visible on the minimap

3. Mines:
- plant them under teammates with emplaced weaponry (MG, Mortar, but also Sniper), so if they get knived theyr assassin goes down with them (i dont know if that also works on this server since the mines dont get set off by teammates)
- use the cov-ops smoke-grenade to hide minefields
- plant mines where they are least expected
- make a second field, so that a trickjumper who trys to flee a set-off mine lands directly in it
- mines are harder to spot in water (not possible on all servers) or if placed in bushes
- plant mines in front/behind of doors (mines go off when the door opens - so be carefull!)
- you can also use mines as "cover", so when u have to flee a fight the enemy cannot follow you or with luck gets killed by the minefield (sometimes only a few mines are required to do the job)

4. Watch out:
if you are at a firingposition and your back is unguarded u can place an ammo-crate or a medi-pack behind u (it shouldnt be too close to you but it must still be in hearing-range). an enemy who trys to sneak onto you will then pick the pack up and thus create a pick-up noise. doesnt work if he is fully healed or has full ammo, but it nonetheless boosts your survivability.

My goal in the forum is.

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PostSubject: Re: HOT TO BE A GOOD FRAGGER   HOT TO BE A GOOD FRAGGER EmptyTue Jan 12, 2010 10:01 am

so, got a few more infos on the game:

headshot does 50 damage, only 40 when enemy is wearing a helmet (adre does not reduce the damage taken from hs)

bodyshot does 21 damage, 10 if the enemy has adre

poison does 1 damage every second when adre is on, while it does about 20 damage/sec without

knowing this, it is almost impossible to kill a medic if you dont hit him in the head (you need 16 hits but untill you hit him the 16 times he will have probably regained another 30-50 hp, so you need about 20 bodyshots to kill a medic who uses adre). it is also impossible to kill a medic with poison if he has adre on since his regeneration is about the same rate as the poisondamage

My goal in the forum is.

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