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PostSubject: +dR|Rules.   +dR|Rules. EmptySat Jan 09, 2010 9:29 pm

1. Follow independant dR server rules.

A. It is up to you to be aware of each of our servers independant rules. Most servers have a rules area in there forum server bases.
B. It is up to you to follow them.

Comments: Follow all rules at all times. Misbehaving in any server will slow down your promotions in your own server.

Pealty: Breaking another servers rules can get you banned in that server and demoted in yours. Possibly kicked out of dR.

2. No Cheating:

A. No wall hacks
B. No Aimbots
C. Absolutely NO CHEAT PROGRAMS at all

comment: If you have to install your skills, you are not welcome here.

Penalty: Banned permanently

3. No Double clanning.


A. Investigate to be sure a member is double clanning.
B. Contact Supreme Owner with proof immediately.

Penalty: kicked out of dR + 20 days ban

4. No disrespect to other members or guests at any time.


A. get proof (screenshot)
B. Post screenshot in forum.

Comment: Be nice to everyone, even if they choose to not be nice to you. Be the better person, dont let him make you mad. If you get mad at him then he has done what he wanted to do and he wins. Just ignore!!

Penalty: Promoted slow if at all. Excessive disrespect to anyone can get you muted, demoted, even kicked out of dR.

5. No Admin asking or begging.


A. Not much for the normal member to do here. We don't need the forum flooded with screens of this.
B. Mention it to an supreme owner when you see one.

Comment: Asking for admin is the best way NOT to get it. Asking for admin is the most annoyinng thing you can do. Behave and wait your turn. That is the best way to get admin.

Penalty: Excessive admin asking can get you muted, demoted, even kicked out of dR.

6. No server hacking.


A. Report to Nano with proof Immediately

Comment: If you're one of these scum bags, please move on to your next clan. I suggest porn and masturbating, I'm sure its way more fun and doesn't hurt anyone else.

Penalty: If you hack our servers or if another clans owner comes to us with proof that you hacked their server you will be banned immediately!!!!

7. Bad language is allowed if you dont use it for disrespect

8. No abuse with commands (abusive admin)


A. Get proof (screenshots)
B. Report to your server owner

Comment: This is the biggest reason members leave and guests wont return. We pay money for all to play in our servers. You have no right to take the fun away from anyone.

Penalty: Abuse will get you demoted or stripped of abusing commands. Excessive abuse will get you kicked out of dR.

exception : in minasthirid if crazygravity is on

9. Never Unban anyone without permission from an AAT or higher admin.

Comment: Bans are made for a reason. If a friend of you is banned you must ask a supreme to unban him.

Penalty: This will get you demoted and even kicked out of dR.

10. Never interfere with Admin.

Comment: If a higher admin is dealing with a problem, never get in the middle of it. Let him or her handle it. If you think he or she is handeling it badly get screenshots and contact higher admin to come to the server.

Quick Rules:

1. Respect high admins (25+)
2. No self kill while in battle to save your death count.
3. No excessive suicide because you're bored.
4. No long periods of afk while on a team.
5. No pushing or blocking another player.
6. No console spamming or excessive use of binds.
8. No excessive spectator sitting or afk if server is close to full. You will be kicked to make room for players.
9. No excessive next map voting.
10. No next map votes until all players have entered game.
11. No complaining about the way another player plays.
12. No complaining of a players weapon choice.
13. No name calling
14. No glitching
15. No mortar blocking.
16. No sexist talk to the ladies in the game. Our servers are not a dating site.
17. No playing ET while sittig naked at your pc xD

The above quick rules are less serious offenses, but can add up to being kicked out of RoFL if broken too often.

Forum Rules:

For this, all you need is a little common sence.

English is to be used at all times. If you want to make a post in your native tongue you must have an english translation with it.

1. No Spamming
2. No disrespect
3. No bad language
4. No double or more posting
5. No senseless or useless comments or posts
6. No offensive signatures or avatars (nudity or language)
7. No indecent user names
8. No fat momma jokes (we all have one)

Any disreguard for the forum rules will reflect on your promotion speed. You may even be banned from forum for a certain period of time.

Statement: We all know rules suck, but they serve a purpose. They enable everyone to play in a fun carefree enviroment. Without these rules ad penalties there would be just one big mess. So please respect the rules and do your best to follow them everytime you're here or ingame.

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